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I have learned!

The following: (real simple) Stick up for what you believe, especially when it feels like a pretty huge revelation. What applies to the work you do on math tests also applies to your belief system. Backing down to “make nice” … Continue reading

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Another perspective

Vimoh, who is an absolutely prolific blogger (yay for that), just now posted yet another viewpoint into gods and what they symbolize. This is an interesting video, as it looks at things from a business perspective. Well-worth the 9 minutes … Continue reading

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Loving Sita Maa

(Sita drops her necklace as the demon king Ravana carries her away in his chariot. Still from Sita Sings the Blues) It has probably become apparent to those of you regular readers that my inclinations are headed towards Sri Rama, … Continue reading

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Life’s Purpose

No, I haven’t figured that out. Far from it, actually. I mean, obviously it’s to learn from life experiences and progress toward an eventual state of detachment and enlightenment, but that’s the macro version of the answer. On a micro … Continue reading


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And then

when I get stressed out, I think God notices, and he gently reminds me that I’m not alone, and that I really shouldn’t worry so much. Sometimes it’s a feeling, and sometimes it’s something else. Like this: (By Shel Silverstein, … Continue reading

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Two weeks!

Oops. I do have a blog, don’t I? Life has been busy. I have actually been much more diligent in my home spiritual practice lately, but not at all diligent in the blog. Honestly, the blog becomes a creative outlet … Continue reading

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