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Shubh Navratri!

(A particularly nice Durga Maa murti in Bengal. Looks to be in a pandal. From here.) I had planned on doing decorating for this, but since I didn’t even know it was happening last year until it was almost over, … Continue reading

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Hindu festivals

I don’t know how many folks keep up with the Atlantic’s photo blog, In Focus, but the most recent entry was on Hindu festivals: Hindu Festivals So many festivals! I like seeing how all sorts of Hindus worship, and all … Continue reading

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Weird dreams

I had another strange dream last night about meeting a guru. I woke up with a peaceful feeling, which was a nice side effect. In the dream, he told me “you will be fine. You will be a great sannyasi.” … Continue reading

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Lady’s things

(Bonus points if you got that reference; if not, go watch some Little Britain.) I have mentioned this Tumblr before, but it stands mentioning again, as it is full of the most lovely inspiration ever, several times a day. The … Continue reading

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Good habits

What is that saying again? 30 days makes a habit (unless you’re talking about flossing, of course)? I’m jumping the shark a little with this post, but I’m okay with that. I honestly don’t know if I’m really jumping the … Continue reading


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